About the NSB Group

The NSB Group is a Nordic transportation group which main activities are passenger transport by bus and rail and freight traffic by rail, real estate and transport hub development and train maintenance.

Business areas in NSB Group: NSB, Nettbuss, CargoNet, Rom Eiendom, Mantena

Operational key figures 2014 2013
Passenger train    
Number of train journeys – (mill.) 68,5 65,5
Produced seat kilometers in Norway (mill.) 9 215 9 064
Punctuality – passenger train in Norway 88,3 % 88,4 %
Customer satisfaction – pass. train (index 0-100) 70 69
Bus transport    
Number of bus journeys – (mill.) 131,4 136,8
Produced kilometers (mill.) 190,4 198,7
Customer satisfaction express bus (index 0-100) 81 83
Freight transport    
Number of transported TEU – freight train (1.000) 376 395
Punctuality – freight train 90 % 89,3 %
Financial key figures 2014 2013
Group profit    
Operating revenue 15 336 14 145
Operating profit 2 001 1 821
Profit before income tax expense 1 597 1 645
Group cash flow    
Net cash flow from operations 1 338 1 150
Group balance sheet    
Net interest bearing debt at nominal value (NIBD) 7 359 7 547
Return on equity (ROE) 19,2 % 17,3 %
Equity ratio 30,2 % 30,4 %


Highlights in 2014


The NSB Group

Change in the railway sector

NSB delivered its suggestions to the Government’s ongoing work on reforming the railway sector. The recommendations are based on NSB’s experience of the current organisation of the railway. The aim is to bring about better collaboration and even greater vitality towards good railway solutions and an environmentally friendly urban development.

Passenger train operations

New and expanded services

In December 2012 the passenger train operation implemented the first stage of the new timetable for Eastern Norway, resulting in significant growth in the number of journeys. The most recent changes, which came into force in December 2014, complete NSB’s new basic route model for Eastern Norway, providing a 10% increase in seating capacity. Simultaneously new services are being offered around Trondheim and on the South Coast Railway.

More new trains

Improved train services generate increased demand, and NSB passenger train operation is procuring an additional 15 new Flirt trains to cover this. All the train sets are being introduced in the Oslo area, so that seat capacity will be doubled on many services during the rush hour. Over the next few years a new train will be delivered every month. NSB has now ordered a total of 81 new trains.

NSB App downloaded 1 million times

NSB’s ticket app passed 1 million downloads in December 2014. Through NSB’s Entertainment app customers can now download audiobooks, podcasts and music, even when they are not travelling by train.

Real Estate

Sale of two award-winning commercial buildings in Oslo

The buildings at Schweigaards gate 21 and 23 are the first two commercial buildings in ­Norway to be classified as “Excellent” under the BREEAM-NOR standard, and ROM Eiendom received the Norwegian Award for Building Design for 2014. The buildings were sold in December to KLP Eiendom for NOK 1 750 million.

Best-selling housing project in Norway

The best-selling housing project in Norway – at the Grefsen station transport hub. Almost 1 200 flats in 25 buildings will be developed over the next 6 to 8 years.

Freight operations

Improved freight service to Northern Norway

The new freight terminal in Kiruna provides more rapid freight transport between the north and the south, and enables CargoNet to transport fish and goods to and from the counties of Troms and Finnmark.

Transporting ore for Rana Gruber

CargoNet won the contract for transporting ore for Rana Gruber, commencing in August.

Establishing an action plan

An action plan aimed at creating profitability in the freight business by end 2015 was adopted in June, and the work is well underway. The measures include staffing reductions and cost cutting related to operations and maintenance of trains and terminals.

Train maintenance

Better quality in 2014

Continuous improvement of maintenance pro­cesses contributed to greater stability in train operations.

Mantena is certified to EU 445/2011 for maintenance of freight rolling stock.

Bus operations

Improved profits from bus operations

Implementation of the profit improvement programme for buses has contributed to a significant improvement in profits in 2014.

Change to bus operations in Denmark

Nettbuss Danmark and City-Trafik merged, and became a joint venture between French Keolis and Norwegian Nettbuss. The result is a new strong company in the Danish market. Nettbuss Norge holds an ownership interest of 25 %.

New and improved express bus service

Renewal of Nettbuss’ express service with six new double-decker buses on the Oslo-Gothenburg-Malmö route. The double-decker buses offer a choice between two comfort levels.

From October 2014 a new route was established between Stockholm and Oslo.

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